Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

  • RADIANT SKIN Feel like a goddess because your velvety bamboo velour pads are very soft to your skin. Cleansing your face is simple and easy. Add your facial cleanser tonic or oil on your pad to gentle remove your makeup
  • HEALTHY NATURAL MATERIALS We designed your facial cleaning pads with nature in mind. Therefore, each reusable pad is made of bamboo cloth and the laundry bag is tailored with cotton mesh fabric. The button, which secures the bag from opening while washing, is the only artificial piece on this set
  • SAVE MONEY Replace 20 - 25 packs of cotton rounds by using a reusable and sustainable alternative. You not only save money, you also make your environment cleaner by reducing your own waste with your washable makeup remover pads. Each pad of this colorful set is 2.7” in diameter and fits in the all-cotton round holder
  • LEARN MORE ABOUT NATURAL SKINCARE We don’t just sell a natural product and leave you with it. Read the instruction manual and learn more about how to clean your skin naturally with materials you have at home. Skip the chemical ingredients and reduce skin irritation by adopting a few very simple tips

Incl. VAT / plus shipping

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