Our Story

We are so happy, that you have made it to our website! The sun and our whole staff bids you a warm welcome.

Let me introduce myself in a few words.

My name is Patrick. I was born in Aarau, Switzerland and raised in its surroundings. Since I was a boy, I was always excited about nature. It started with the playful games in the neighborhood and continued when I chose to be a gardener professionally. Nature still impacts my daily life, be it on hikes in the mountains or my creative work as a craftsman.

Producing Beeswax Wraps initially started with the idea of making christmas gifts for my family and friends. This idea quickly grew into a bigger plan.

It's the beauty of life which inspires me to start giving back. It's my passion to have an impact on this planet. Thats why I have founded this company, to craft these beeswax wraps to minimize the usage of plastic for food storage.


Just as you must expect the best quality for your food, our beeswax wraps will also be a product of quality and devotion.


Thank you for beeing here.

Patrick from